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We are a football club which provides the local community with the opportunities and facilities to participate in sporting activities.

We have a Saturday morning club and run teams from under 8s at every age group through to adults.

If you are interested in coming along to the Saturday morning club, playing for a team or coaching please contact us to find out more.
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Merry Christmas To Everyone From The Hornets
22/12/2011 - Latest News


Santatree‘Twas the match before Christmas, and all cross the pitch,
Not a Hornet was stirring, not even a twitch,
For the whistle they waited, though some glanced to the side,
Where their parents stood watching, hearts bursting with pride.

The ground it was frozen, the game almost was lost,
Not to worthy opponents but that enemy, frost.
Winter’s miracle saved it, the sun piercing the trees,
Turning white into green and reversing the freeze.

But no thoughts turned to rest, they resisted fatigue,
To face the team perched atop the Mid-Warwickshire League.
Their festive ease beckoned, one more game to play,
Repose would be welcome when dawned Christmas Day.

Then battle erupted, our heroes answered the call,
Every sinew was stretched in pursuit of the ball.
A many legged striped beast was roaming the field,
Defending its goal and refusing to yield.

For possession they battled, into tackles they slid,
For their team mates they toiled, from no challenge they hid.
When half time came, through their effort and skill,
Amazed were they to find the score was nil-nil.

And so gorging on fruit and the praise of their coach.
Idly they wondered if a goal they could poach,
What a present for their fans – a draw, or a win!
They cared not how they scored, off bottom or shin.

So they took to the field with hope in their breasts,
Ready to face this most searching of tests,
But football is fickle, it makes all hope flee,
Our fairytale ending was not destined to be.

A goal, then another, bulging in our net,
Snatched away the victory on which our hearts were set.
The cup of the vanquished was ours to taste once more,
As the final whistle sounded and we counted up the score.

But youthful spirit is hardy and difficult to catch,
“Who got best effort and man of the match?”
A cheer for their opponents, losing is no shame,
Hope will be renewed in time for the next game.

And when, gentle reader, Christmas lustre turns to grey,
Those weekend days of glory are not far away.
And for your run of defeats, please don't shed a tear,
For experience has taught us there is always next Year.


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