Our Teams

We run groups from Under 8s to Senior men’s teams with the Mini’s section for 5-year-olds.

If you would like further information please complete the form on this site and the club will get in touch with the best options for all new players.



Men 1st

Men 2nd


Men Sunday

U8 Colts

U8 Juniors


U9 Colts

U9 Stingers

U9 Juniors


U10 Colts

U10 Juniors


U11 Girls

U11 Juniors

U11 Colts

U11 Hornets

U12 Colts

U12 Juniors


U13 Queen Bees

U13 Hornets

U13 Colts

U13 Juniors


U14 Colts

U14 Juniors

U14 Stingers


U15 Hornets


U16 Hornets